Welcome To Journey of Light - Our own sacred space of light,  guiding and enlightenment online!

You will find on here an abundance of new and old spiritual knowledge as well as a berth of information that has been guided through to you from our friends, family, acquaintances and people that congregrate on here and interact via our online forum and now very active chatroom.

You will find people of all ages here as we are family -friendly orientated for all that find us whether or not you have been guided in here by spirit or a good old google link or by the local online directory, we are focused highly on alleviating and helping people move forwards with their pathway and journey that we have found in living and by taking every day as it comes.

You are more than welcome to post an introduction should you be guided in today, you'd be entirely welcome to join us in our chat. You'd be entirely encouraged to go with flow of things and if you need help, just ask. I'm sure myself or my team would be entirely happy to help you.